Core Dry Press Machine

MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES is one of the prominent Core Dry Press Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. As an established corporation, we bring forth a wide range of machines for producing superior quality plywood and reaching the goal of diverse wooden industries. We deliver the core dry press specially for plywood manufacturing. These machines apply heat and pressure to flatten and dry layers of wood veneer and form a core layer of plywood.

About Our Core Dry Press

Our Core Dry Presses contain several features, such as powerful hydraulic cylinders, a controlled electrical panel, heated platens, high-powered cylinders, equal lifting equipment, and energy-efficient machines.

They are available in various sizes and configurations. Plus, our dry press is known for fine finish, sufficient strength, weight capacity of up to 50 tons, superior materials including mild stone, and extremely automatic. The adequate weight of the machine is 6.5 tons and the size is approx 9*5 feet.

Benefits of Our Core Dry Press

  • Minimizes shrinkage during drying
  • Reduce defects and waste in plywood production
  • Gives quick and excellent output across large production batches
  • Utilize minimal energy for forming process
  • Save high production expense
  • produce a wide range of shapes and sizes

Our Manufacturing Process

At MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES, we use high-quality raw materials sourced from top vendors. Our fully advanced manufacturing house produces high-performing machines. The dedicated professionals keep watching the entire process until the product is safely in the hands of our customers.

Our Quality Control

Our quality control follows various testing protocols to meet specified standards and customer expectations. These involve systematic processes of inspections, testing, and monitoring throughout production. The experts identify and correct defects early. Thus, our quality control minimizes waste, reduces costs, and prevents faulty products.

What You Get?

MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES promises to deliver high-quality, precision-engineered components, and customized products to meet stringent industry standards. We specialize in manufacturing plywood curation equipment crafted using highly advanced machines. You can receive exact specification tools, the highest standards of products, innovative solutions, timely delivery, cost-effective statements, and ongoing support and technical assistance.

Capacity upto 50 tons Usage/Application Wood core dry
Material Mild Steel Automation Grade Automatic
Weight 6.5 ton Size 9*5 Feet