Veneer waste chipper Machine

MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES is one of the leading Waste Chipper Machine Manufacturers in India. This company is engaged in providing modern technology to process the waste generated during veneer production.

We have been working in the industry for decades and have gained expertise in manufacturing, so we deliver premium quality products, which is a boon for the woodworking industry.

In our state-of-the-art production facility, we employ cutting-edge machinery and technology. Thus, the machine leaving our hands is superior to the competition and meets the different needs of various industries.

About Our Veneer Waste Chipper Machine

Our machine is specially designed to crush the veneer leftover or defective pieces. This machine turns waste into small chips or particles that are used for various purposes, such as fuel for biomass boilers, mulch for landscaping, or as raw material for particleboard production.

Our Veneer Waste Chipper Machine typically features a robust construction, a powerful motor, adjustable cutting blades, and feeding technology, and safety technology. They also consist of variable speed control for customized processing, and a large feeding chute for easy waste material loading.

Moreover, they incorporate various automation features, including automatic feeding, monitoring systems, and remote control, for safe and optimized performance.

Benefits of Our Veneer Waste Chipper Machine

  • Excellent waste reducer
  • Minimizing disposal costs
  • Excellent waste conversion into usable chips or particles
  • Quick and efficient waste processing save time and labor
  • Resource enhancement by repurposing waste material into valuable products
  • Reduce landfill waste, promote recycling and reuse option
  • Minimal accidental risk associated with manual waste material handling

Our Manufacturing Process

At MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES, we employ one of the best engineering equipment, and advanced techniques to produce quality in every step. In this series, we source premium raw materials, and our skilled technicians and engineers oversee each stage.

As one of the trusted Veneer Waste Chipper Machine Manufacturers, we deliver world-class products with rigorous quality control measures to maintain consistency and meet customer specifications. Apart from that, continuous improvement is integral to our approach.

Choose our Veneer Waste Chipper Machine and enhance your woodworking project with minimal waste production. Moreover, our product is very competitive, so grab it with minimal investment to lead the competition in the industry.

Production Capacity 2000 Kg/hr Material MS
Power Type Electric Surface Treatment Standard
Packaging Size Standard Main Shaft Speed 18 mm