Knife Grinder Machine

MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES is one of the leading knife grinder machine manufacturers in India. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying sharpening equipment. We design these specific machines using the latest technologies to meet the demands of the different industries. These machines are compact, energy-efficient, and highly productive.

Our grinding machine is extremely durable and it sharpens the blade to achieve a consistent and uniform edge. Our professionals focus on excellent quality, customization features, and competitive prices when manufacturing this device. You can enhance your production tasks quickly and easily with our knife grinder machine.

How Our Knife Grinder Machine Works

Our knife grinder machine can sharpen and maintain the edges of knives, blades, and other cutting tools. The grinding wheels of the machine grind the object to the desired edge. With its adjustment setting, you can set the parameters according to your needs and the blade will be ready for your industrial preparation.

Benefits of Our Knife Grinder Machine

  • Make knives sharp and precise edges
  • Improve blade or knife-cutting efficiency
  • Require less force for cutting and prevent the injury risk
  • Reduce dullness, rust, and enhance knife self life
  • User-friendly features and intuitive controls easy to use
  • Maintain knife quality and reduce frequent replacement
  • Suitable for different blade sharpening used for different industrial cutting tasks

Features of Our Knife Grinder Machine

MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES knife grinder machine contains many features including low energy consumption, user-friendly interface, sturdy construction, variable speed controls, flexible operation, easy maintenance, and high grinding efficiency. It also has motor-driven blades to process knife material, and an efficient cooling system to stop overheating during long use.


MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES serves as a leading name in the industry. Our specialty is precision engineering, quality product production, and distribution. Innovation and continuous development are also our core concepts

Our team works hard to successfully achieve the growing demand for Knife Grinder Machines equipped with the latest technology and features. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and machinery within our facility make the dream to reality.

If you are looking for one of the Knife grinder machine manufacturers, contact MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES. Let us know your requirements, we will customize the machine quickly to meat meet your unique needs.

Type of Grinding Machine Surface Grinding Machine No Load Speed 1440 rpm
Automation Grade Manual Motor Power 7 HP
Motor Speed 1400 RPM Automation Type Manually, Semi Automatic, Automatic
Country of Origin Made in India