Wood Chipper Machine

MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES is one of the prestigious Wood Chipper Machine Manufacturers in India. The company produces and supplies the highest quality standards of wood chipper machines for various forestry management. With more than 2 decades of expertise in manufacturing, we have been the largest supplier that delivers only quality.

Managing the trees is challenging to remove from your property. They often require a professional to transport and dispose of. Understanding these factors, we design the most innovative technology that helps you manage these tedious tasks.

About Our Wood Chipper Machine

Our wood Chipper machine cut the tree limbs, trunks, and branches into small and manageable pieces. These machines are utilized in forestry, landscaping, and garden maintenance. They make cleaning up after vegetation maintenance very simple and easy. Our machine typically consists of a hopper, that feeds the wood into a set of blades or knives to chop the wood into chips. MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES delivers different types of wood chippers, including disk chippers, drum chippers, and screw-type chippers. Each is designed for specific applications and capacities

The machines are powered by various sources such as gasoline engines, diesel engines, and electric motors. They hold several advanced properties including sharp cutting tools, an automated feeding system, mobility, an adjustable discharge funnel, sturdy body structure, portability and mobility option, noise reduction, and safety operations.

Benefits of our Wood Chipper Machine

  • Quickly reduces large amounts of wood waste into manageable chips
  • Time-saving machines process branches and limbs faster than manual methods
  • Cost-saving of paying manual labor charge
  • Reduces the bulk wood debris and saves storage space
  • Excellent resource creation by making wood waste for mulch, compost, or biomass fuel
  • Converts organic waste into reusable materials and saves environmental pollution
  • Reduces manual cutting and minimizes the risk of injury
  • User-friendly, easy to transport and operate

Usage In Industry

Our machine allows flexibility depending on the setting and available resources. They help in waste management by turning bulky wood waste into useful mulch, compost, or biomass fuel.

Why Choose Us?

MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES crafts the wood chipper machine using ultra-advanced machinery and equipment along with robust materials to withstand heavy-duty use. Our wide range of models is tailored to various needs. The purchase price is also very competitive from others. Choose one of the best Wood Chipper Machine Manufacturers and enhance your project's success with safety and productivity.

Shredding Material Wood Power Type Electric
Color As per demand Automation Grade Automatic, Manual, Semi Automatic
Country of Origin Made in India